In the role of presiding officer, the County Judge sets the Court's weekly voting session agenda, and is often thought of as the chief administrator of the. The County Judge is the presiding officer on the Commissioners Court. As the main governing body of Harris County, the Commissioners Court plays a critical role. Judges interpret the law to determine how a trial or hearing will proceed. They ensure fairness so that the parties' legal rights are protected. In trials where. The Judge also carries out a variety of responsibilities related to calling, holding, posting notices, canvassing, and certifying elections. Administrative. Description of Office The Texas Constitution vests broad judicial and administrative powers in the position of county judge, who presides over a five-member.

In smaller counties, the county judge actually does perform judicial duties, but in larger counties the judge's role Job Opportunities · Proclamations. County Judges perform a wide range of other administrative duties. These responsibilities include conducting hearings for beer and wine applications, calling. The county judge/executive shall be the chief executive of the county and shall have all the powers and perform all the duties of an executive and. of this Code except the judge is not required to comply: (1) when engaged in duties which relate to the judge's role in the administration of the county;. (2). What are the responsibilities of the County Judge? Responsibilities & Services. The county judge presides at meetings of the commissioners court and is responsible for filing and posting the agenda. The county. The term county judge is applied as a descriptor, sometimes as a title, for a person who presides over a county court. In most cases, such as in Northern. Responsibilities include reviewing divorce decrees, support and custody orders, adoption and name change orders to ensure compliance with the Code of Virginia;. As the commissioner's court meets to fulfill its budgetary and administrative responsibilities, each commissioner, along with the county judge, participates in. Administrative Duties. The County Judge prepares a draft budget for the Commissioners to review, make changes and finally adopt after they conduct workshops and. The Judicial Amendment to the Constitution of. Kentucky removed all judicial responsibilities from county government and its officers. A ruling of the.

judge in non-judicial and administrative matters. Duties, Functions and Responsibilities: Docket Maintenance. ▫ Monitor all cases assigned to the respective. Position overview. The county judge is the presiding authority on the commissioners court, which serves as the governing body of the county. In addition to the duties of the county court, the county judge is responsible for supervising the activities of the various state and federal agencies. The county judge is the presiding officer of the County Commissioner's Court. The court exercises powers over county business as provided by law (Tex. Const. The County Judge, as an agent of the State of Texas, approves applications for beer licenses and waivers on mixed drink licenses. The County Judge also signs. JOB SUMMARY AND DUTIES: The Senior Division Attorney for the Criminal Division reports to the Presiding Judge of the division. The position requires a. The county judge presides at meetings of the Commissioners Court and is responsible for filing and posting the agenda. The county judge is also head of civil. A county judge in Texas may have judicial responsibility for certain criminal, civil and probate matters – responsibility for these functions vary from county. County Judge Duties County judges interpret state and local law, hand out penalties to those convicted of crimes, and rule on civil disputes. Generally.

Duties & Responsibilities from the Texas Assoc. of Counties. Bastrop County Courthouse Pecan Street Bastrop, TX Phone: () County. The judge's judicial responsibilities include presiding in cases of probate, juvenile delinquency, misdemeanors, and civil dispute, none of which presently. Responsibilities & Services · Adopting a county indigent defense plan to provide for adequate representation by counsel of indigent citizens accused of adult and. It reflects the current law through the session and includes a description of the duties, responsibilities, and procedures of the Judge's office. It is not. They preside over misdemeanor criminal cases, small civil cases, probate matters, and appeals from Justice of the Peace Courts. But in more populous counties.

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As the commissioners court meets to fulfill its budgetary and administrative responsibilities, each commissioner, along with the county judge, participates in. To manage all the administrative details of the County Court Judges Office including the daily calendar and docket; to set hearings and notify all parties;. Magistrates · Conduct initial appearances · Set conditions of release · Issue warrants · Other responsibilities.

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